Facebook and Who You Know

July and August have been busy months for me with my painting sales. I would have to say that Facebook has played a HUGE part in driving my sales and general interest. What a great forum it has been to display and sell my works. Throughout the last year I have sold over 1/3rd of my paintings so far. A huge thank you to my friends, family and facebook friends who have loved my work enough to buy and place in their homes.

Toscanis at Orion Springfield Lakes is also a fantastic avenue for me. To date, 8 of my works have sold to their wonderful and friendly customers. Sometimes, its even a case of who you know. At a Gala Event we went to last week, I met the most lovely lady. She, after viewing my works on my iPhone, bought a piece which is to be delivered this week.

I set up at the Brookwater Markets on the weekend, which unfortunately wasnt as successful as I would have liked. The market is VERY quiet. Lots of fantastic people and it was exciting to be there and show my works, but not the best place to make any sales.

Back to basics for me, I think. Facebook, Toscanis and Who You Know are tried and tested. Something I might think about in the future would be having a champagne and cheese night to display my works for sale… actually, if you think this is a good idea and would like to come…… encourage me and let me know! XX


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