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Canvas Board Painting

I have painted my last 3 paintings on canvas boards. I really like the results.  The first was a special night scene with a chapel in the light of the moon named “I had a Dream”  It is a thumbs up from all viewers.  The second is a different kind  spin on my original “Dark Array” It is a romantic dance between 11 roses, I called it “Love me Tender” I am really very happy with the finished piece. I will have Bella Art Gallery frame the two of these ornately.

The third painting is still underway… its the rolling waves crashing onto the beach with a typical bkm11 style sunset. The sky is simply stunning, with the mountains in the distance and a lighthouse near the sea.  The sand is done also. The ocean is still underway. Will update with a photo soon!


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  1. Cameron

    I love I had a dream!!

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