29 November 2009

It has been a busy few months for me getting BKM11 up and running.  Huge thanks to Cameron Messer for building me the best website.   Thanks to Katrina at Toscanis Orion Springfield for supporting me and displaying my paintings for all to see! And to my beautiful family and friends.

Since officially starting BKM11 I have painted over 30 paintings and have sold one third of those.   I have very recently moved from painting on canvas to painting on linen.   The difference is amazing.   I only paint with oils.  I love the textures, colours and effects I can get with them.

I just recently took on a commissioned piece.  This is the second piece I have been commissioned to paint.

My personal favorite painting is my latest.  It will be uploaded to my website shortly it is painted on Linen and is 30x30in,  the frog in the boganvillia reflected lily pad pond.   It is called Reflections.

Bkm11 has a facebook fan page and already has 82 fans.  You can join the fanclub by clicking become a fan on my “about me” page on my website.  I love feedback and am keen to hear any comments on my art.  xx


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  1. Louise Papas

    The website is fantastic and love the pics….. excellent!

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